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Best Allotment Sites in 2015

There are two awards for allotment sites in Hillingdon. The best Self Managed site and the best London Borough of Hillingdon Managed site are selected during the second round of the annual allotment competition. Selection is based on the following criteria.

Criteria Max points
Overall appeal/appearance of view for public 10
Good Example of Allotmenteering 10
Maintenance of common paths 5
Maintenance of common areas (manure areas / car parks / outside of communal huts / water tanks) 10

State of unused / uncultivated plots
(Max points if fully let)

Notice board for site members 5
Notice board with contact for lettings, access etc 5
Tie breaker - % individual plots in top 50  

The best Self Managed site in 2015 is Meadway.
The best London Borough of Hillingdon Managed sitein 2015 is The Fairway.

Representatives from the best sites were presented with a cup and certificate by the deputy Mayor Cllr John Jensley during the presentation ceremony at the Civic Centre in November.

Meadway Allotment Site Certificate

Best fully managed site

The Fairway Allotment Site Certificate

Best Hillingdon Managed site


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